Supreme Mathematics

Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself. – Plato

Supreme Mathematics is a numerical system used primarily, and devised by the NGE (Nation of Gods & Earths, Five-Percenters) as a means to better understand the Universe and our place in it. The NGE hold Universal Parliaments to build (expand their knowledge and understanding) of the concepts portrayed by Supreme Mathematics.

I am not a member of the Five-Percenters, however, I hold their views in high respect and I believe that this conceptual, numerical system can be used by anyone to garner a deeper understanding of their, and our reality. I have found an intuitive use for it, and in sharing all my experience of it, hope that it will be practical for those interested in applying it to their lives.

More information on Supreme Mathematics, its origins, usage, and culture can be found from a simple online engine search. If you are interested, I encourage you to read more on the topic. 


Knowledge, in itself, is ALL/ Resurrecting the Light of Knowledge

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