Scientia Potentia Est

Scientia Potentia Est – Knowledge, itself, is power.

One can write this as ‘Scientia Est Potentia’, which translates into ‘Knowledge is Power’; I, however, believe (moreover, I feel) that the aforementioned formation of latin holds much more power – as it states that, knowledge, itself (in its essence), is power.

This page will be dedicated to Epistemology, and all its derivative branches. Epistemology, as many of you may know, is the branch of philosophy which concerns itself with the acquisition, importance, practicality, and the relevance of knowledge. It asks what knowledge is, where it stems from, and how one comes to recognize knowledge in oneself as something that is justified, useful or certain. In epistemology, knowledge is regarded as a justified, true belief only when it meets three prerequisites.

Truth, Justification, Belief

Add ‘Skepticism’

Knowledge, in itself, is ALL/ Resurrecting the Light of Knowledge

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