The number 7 is viewed as God or Perfection. It has a reputation for being a holy number, and justly so.

Like most of the supreme numbers, 7 manifests its principles, and displays part of its understanding, along its multiples:

  • 7=God/Perfection
  • 14=Knowledge of Freedom
  • 21=Wise Knowledge (Using knowledge wisely)
  • 28=Wise Creation/Destruction
  • 35=Understanding Power
  • 42=Free Wisdom, Freedom of Wisdom
  • 49=Free Birth, Freedom of Birth
  • 56=Powerful Equality
  • 63=Equal Understanding
  • 70=God’s Cycles
  • 77=God’s Perfection
  • 84=Creation/Destruction of Freedom
  • 91=Birth of Knowledge
  • 98=Birth of Creation/Destruction
  • 105=Knowing the Cycles of Power

Applying the concepts that arise from 7’s multiples allow us to form a cohesive sentence for its understanding. Understanding 7 would then be akin to a greater understanding of God/Perfection.

Perfection is Knowing Freedom, using Knowledge Wisely in order to Create or Destroy in a wise manner (perhaps to maintain a balance). Understanding Power (35) is essential to Creation (8) (3+5=8) and the Freedom of Wisdom (42) is essential to Equality (6) (4+2=6). [Interestingly, Wise Creation+Understanding Power+Free use of Wisdom=(105) The Knowledge of the Cycles of Power.]

God/Perfection has (49) The Freedom of Birth, the Freedom to Birth, or Free Birth. Meaning, it is able to birth anything just as it is able to create. It may also be possible for a God, or a Perfect Being, to birth themselves (rather, manifest themselves in the physical, assuming this perfect being is incorporeal). It is worth noting that Freedom of Birth/49 is half of The Birth of Creation (98, 49+49).

Another understanding of 7 comes from the reduction of 16.
1+6=7 and 7 is comprised from the qualities of 1-6 (Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Power, Equality). From this understanding, it’s reasonable to conclude thatknowing(1) equality(6)=Knowing God
I’ll look further into this formula in Building Mathematics/81.

Knowledge, in itself, is ALL/ Resurrecting the Light of Knowledge

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