Building Mathematics/81

Concepts may seem convoluted once the building starts, please tread with patience.

note, 0 and 8 – only numbers that are symmetrical

The Cycles of Creation

(This section isn’t required to understand the math behind ‘Building Mathematics’, but is definitely practical for gaining greater clarity of the points explained below.)

is cycle, or cypher. It is symbolic for the void, nothingness, reincarnation, aether, space, transcendence. It represents the cycles of ‘All that is’; the cycles of time, of wisdom, of life. also represents the completion of a cycle, as well as the beginning of a cycle.

is knowledge. It is symbolic for unity, foundation, and truth. It can also represent unity as an ending or beginning.

Regardless of whether you’re a spiritual creationist or an empirical scientist, the Universe and all that is in/of it came from a source. Some grand cosmic force that gave birth to its infinite totality. Everything in existence must have a source, with disregard to a pre-existing source that (may or may not have) created God or a Big Bang. With our minds, it is inconceivable to imagine what may (or may not) have been prior to the expansion of the universe. Although we cannot arrive at any empirical-objective proof, we do have conceptual, numerical systems (such as Supreme Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Kaballah) that can be used to further our understanding, and expand our theories on just about anything, especially God and the universe.  The rational number that can be used as a reductive way of defining God or a primordial state, is 0. 


In Supreme Mathematics, everything in existence pertains to a cycle


The Foundation

Building knowledge is building yourself.

Knowledge, (in) itself, is power; Knowledge, itself, is infinite. If the universe was created (built), then the creator must have possessed an awareness of himself, or self-knowledge. If, as scientifically accepted, the universe was the result of a grand explosion, then that explosion gave birth to knowledge through life. It is the intricate weaving of reality and the foundation of the Universe.

The internet is a treasure trove of information – information that can be steadily transformed into knowledge, or into disinformation. It is possible to research just about anything on-line. Certainly, you’d be able to find and broaden your views of any subject discussed here or elsewhere, through the acquisition or elimination of information. However, apart from the basic addition and subtraction, there is a conscious awareness needed to perceive the synchronicity involved in attaining any knowledge. All synchronistic events hold greater revelatory meaning than any words on a page.

Everyone holds their own piece to the puzzle. In my experience, the depth of knowledge goes vastly beyond the linear logic of adding and subtracting information or ideas, but adding or subtracting synchronistic numbers in concurrence with whatever information can help reveal a causality, meaning, purpose, or understanding behind it.

That being said, in my knowing resides the notion that EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is so intricately connected that it is possible to derive a link between any two (or more) seemingly unrelated subjects, objects, concepts, ideas, desires, and so on and so forth, no matter how distant and completely unrelated. I believe (and I use that word sparingly) that the connection between any two subjects/objects is, not only significant in the pursuit of knowledge, but also of great significance/relevance to the person who has found that connection.

In this section (which I plan to expand greatly) we’ll explore the interconnectivity of everything through the conceptual use of numbers, to understand how this universal language can garner a universal understanding beyond, and apart, from mathematics and science. My greatest understanding lies in Supreme Mathematics, and so it shall be used as the foundation for our building, but by no means will it represent the limit of our exploration. Other numerical conceptions of the universe exist, and these will also be used to fully explore the depth of any particular mental masonry we encounter.

The First Stone

Let us place the first stone. As an example and dissertation, we will first explore the connectivity between the title “building mathematics” and the number 81, through the conceptual use of Supreme Mathematics (and other numerical systems).

As you may have learned here, in Supreme Mathematics, 8 signifies creation or destruction, building or destroying. 1 simply signifies knowledge. Therefore, 81 is Building, or destroying (8) knowledge (1). We can take this one step further and represent the number 1 as ‘mathematics’.

Ideally speaking, 1 gives birth to mathematics. Without the number 1, no mathematical practice could exist. 1 gave birth to 2 (1+1) and 3 (1+2); and 3 gave rise to all numbers.

Since 1 can be interpreted as “the source of all that is”, it would be consistent to say that 81 can translate into “the destruction of all that is”. If you have the mind for it, you’ll be able to affirm the reasoning, behind the wisdom, of the notion/fact that ‘Destruction births Creation’

1 as ‘knowledge’ and 1 as ‘all that is’ are two individual concepts, yet they can both be used to gain perspective and keep building on the proposition of the number 81’s true meaning. With that understanding, henceforth, we are able to view its interpretation as “the destruction of knowledge is the destruction of all that is”.

81 could also be understood as “the infinitude of knowledge”. 8 (albeit turned sideways) is the symbol used for infinity, and in turn the relation between building, destroying, and infinity, nothingness.

Building one
It is through the building of the number 1, that we have all numbers and mathematics. If you view the Universe’s origins from the perspective of numbers, then the number is the big bang, or even so far as the origin of the greater multi-verse. After 1 came and 3, etc. is capable of creating and sustaining a universe (or universes).

  • 1+1+1+1+1 represents

The Cap

The intricate connectivity is by no means limited to the basic translation of 81 into “building knowledge”, or “building mathematics”.

There are (seemingly) countless variables a synchronistic event, especially in that of any subjective vs. subjective event. In an objective (compared) to an objective case, the comparer-the observer– gives the two an extra depth of meaning/purpose.
On the other hand, an objective to subjective case already involves a certain meaning/purpose, or it could be seemingly pointless.














The Building


Interpretation: ‘Birth of God, Knowing All as equal’

9 is Birth/The Father. 9 gives birth to itself and any number added to it. 7=Perfection/God


Thus, 7 is reborn in different form, comprised of all that it is, yet greater than all that it is. What I mean:
1-6 are all qualities
Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Power, and Equality, respectively. All of which a ‘God’ or ‘Perfect Being’ must possess. Therefore, It is understood that 1+6=7, 7 is comprised/made of/is 1 through 6 = 16; 16 is a greater number than 7, and thus, 7 is reborn in different form, and greater, yet equal, to itself.

Signs in Film – Captain America: Civil War

This should serve as a perfect subjective vs. objective case. During a particular fight scene (between Cap and Spidey) in Civil War, the number 134 can be seen above on an airport walkway. 134=Knowledge of Understanding Freedom, or Knowing how to Understand Freedom

The film’s plot isn’t a secret to Marvel fans: Captain America and Iron Man form two opposing sides of Heroes, as they argue about giving the Government full control over The Avenger’s future ops, via the Sokovia Accords; one side accepting, and the other not.

134 stood out simply because this is a movie based around the general theme of freedom (apart from any other themes apparent). Iron man seeks to give away some of his freedom in exchange for greater security, as Captain America fights to hold on to his. Captain America is also fighting to grant Bucky Barnes his own freedom, away from the mind controlling , MK-Ultra esque

Knowledge, in itself, is ALL/ Resurrecting the Light of Knowledge

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