The number 8 signifies creation and destruction, building and destroying. Most notably, It is the product of freedom itself – the product of the freedom of freedom (44), but it is also the product of 17, 26, and 35; the Knowledge of God (Knowledge is God), the Wisdom of Equality, and the Understanding of Power, respectively.

The greatest gift mankind has is the power of creation, and it’s the freedom to create that allows us to reproduce, expand, and advance as a race. It’s that same freedom that allows us to destroy, to kill, to extract from nature. Just like knowledge, creation and destruction are infinite, in two senses.

1. One can create (reproduce, build, invent, etc.) Infinitely, and one can destroy infinitely.
2.Creation and destruction give meaning to one another, birthed from one another, and so are mutually exclusive. A balance persists between progression and regression.

If you add creation with creation (or destruction, 8+8) you get God (7) (or the knowledge of equality, 16; 1+6=7)
This is representative of a fundamental knowledge of the equality between creation and destruction, and that recognizing the duality between the two is a way to understand, or perhaps, perceive (atleast a part of) God. It is also suggestive of God creating the reality/the Universe.

With that said, there is an interesting sequential formula that arises when adding 8 up with itself.

8+8=16 Knowledge of Equality, in turn adding to God (1+6=7[God])

16+8=24 Wisdom of Freedom

24+8=32 The Understanding of Wisdom

32+8=40 The Freedom of Cycles, though for this understanding, Free Cycles or the Cycles of Freedom make more sense.

40+8=48 The Freedom of Creation, or Free Creation

48+8=56 The Power of Equality, or Powerful Equality

56+8=64 The Equality of Freedom or Equal Freedom

64+8=72 Godly Wisdom, or God’s Wisdom

72+8=80 Building (or destructionCycle, or The Cycle of Building/Destroying

80+8=88 This one can be interpreted in a different number of ways: The Creation of Creation (or building)

88 is perhaps the most powerful number amongst the multiples of 8, and aside from the number 40, reveals most about the systematic understanding of and it’s significance to the Universe/Reality/Life.

88+8=96 Birth of Equality, Birthed Equality

Creation=Knowledge OF Equality+THE Wisdom OF Freedom+THE Understanding OF Wisdom+THE Cycles OF Freedom

Leading to (56) THE Power OF Equality, OR Powerful Equality. Leading to (64) THE Equality OF Freedom, OR Equal Freedom. Leading to (72) God’s Wisdom, OR Perfect Wisdom.

624 if you add these all up

Knowledge, in itself, is ALL/ Resurrecting the Light of Knowledge

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