The Powerful Bind Our Knowledge (Foreword)

The truest claim to power, is the withholding of knowledge. 

It’s easy to view our scholastic, educational system as beneficial to our children, even to our race. It’s one of the illusions most of us accept on a daily basis. The idea survives: we are an advanced, knowledgeable race. We go to school as children to learn to function as adults and learn of our history, our cultures, our laws, to be educated and to learn of the ‘real world’. These are all lies.

We continue school as adults, deeming it ‘higher learning’, and still, the simplest notions escape us. The majority of us are fixed to a certain understanding. We shun opposing views, dismiss theories as conspiracy, marry our beliefs and divorce those of others. It’s viable to assume that most of us cannot bear cognitive dissonance — that we’d rather hold on to false beliefs than suffer the pain of accepting a different view. Some of us even have trouble entertaining ideas, much less an intelligent discussion.


Knowledge is power, and for the power consumed, it is exactly the reason why we are not a knowledgeable race. In this information age, its too easy to adopt the belief that we have access to all information and that nothing is being restricted to us. In the case of military and political secrets, we accept it, and even those who do, reject the fact that the military and Government withhold important information from the people. That is a naive standing that will ultimately lead to our race’s demise. As easily as we have access to a countless amount of information, they (the proverbial, falsely slandered they) withhold a countless amount of information from us.

We consider what we gain in school as knowledge, when in fact, it’s merely information. They don’t give us guidelines for transmuting information into knowledge, especially not in the first 12 years of school, when you are a child/young adult and your mind is still in development of a healthy (or non healthy) perception of reality, society, and life. It’s important to encourage your kids from a very early age to think for themselves. They may not always be correct in the thoughts they choose, but they will learn from their mistakes and learn how to cultivate a magnanimous sense of individuality in a world where individuality is slowly fading. It will teach them to be rational, cohesive, and aware — better than accepting all the information forced on them as fact. Children are taught how to obey and fit into the status quo; they enter school during their most malleable years. They’re trained to be adepts in ‘real’ life business, in maintaining and furthering a system that does not care if they, themselves, are furthered — if they progress or achieve. This is one of the greatest illusions humanity is caught in, and it very well affects your children and their perceptions of reality, furthering a corrupt, non rewarding, maligned, and linear system to the point of greater human suffering.

The simplest point to make here is: in a world with a hierarchical, social ranking system—where humans are labeled, categorized, separated and segregated—knowledge is controlled and shared sparingly. Knowledge is held on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, and most of what you presume to know.. is probably false.

A Tribute to Thought

Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel. 

Augustus Hare

Thought is the primary creative force behind the liberal arts. It is the driving force of almost all human interaction. It allows us to interpret and understand the world around us, as well as to form ideas of just about everything. If knowledge is the foundation of all in existence, then thought is that divine force that holds all knowledge. It is accurate as the wind, with knowledge as the sails, as thought is what is necessary to direct knowledge—to drive it. In the same way, knowledge is born from thought, and newer thought is born from an expansion of knowledge. Besides these facts, and although we are all familiar with thought, not everyone takes the time to fully explore their thoughts, or to think retrospectively or contemplatively at all. Perhaps the most notable example of a subject which requires heavy, complex thought, outside the realm of any prefixed ‘fact’, is Philosophy—plenty of which you will find here, among other subjects. The Guide will be dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, and to the transmutation of ignorance into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom, wisdom into understanding, and understanding into freedom, power, and equality. We will not be concerned with belief in any such thing, as you may agree, belief is the death of reason.

This page is a tribute to all great thinkers in human history, from Plato to Schopenhauer, Socrates to Nietzsche, Epicurus to Confucius; as well as to those great thinkers who may or may not have existed, or been human, such as Hermes Trismegistus and the Great King Solomon. On it, I will post my own thoughts on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. It’s my endeavor that I attract, inspire, and hold discussions with great free thinkers and philosophers.

With this, I expand my intellect for the purpose of free thought; with this, we expand together.

Knowledge, in itself, is ALL/ Resurrecting the Light of Knowledge