Welcome to The Psychonauts Guide

(Note: The Guide is still a work in progress. Bear with us. Build with us)

I created this website as a foundation for thought and knowledge, and for true Psychonauts, those lovers of wisdom and spirituality who venture into the furthest depths of their minds, seeking something beyond themselves. Various philosophical, esoteric, and spiritual schools of thought will be discussed here throughout the site, and I hope to set up a forum when the time is right, as a sanctuary for those striving to keep the love of knowledge and thought alive. Without thought, we (as humans) would not be where we are today, whether that be of good or bad connotation to the reader.

Besides countless topics to explore for the yearning truth seeker, this site will also serve as a guide for those who are only beginning to experience the psychedelic induced state of mind. Everything from safety of use, chemical compounds, the alteration of consciousness, experiential knowledge, substance and plant history, etc. will be covered. The Psychonaut’s Guide does NOT recommend the use of ANY compounds outside of those which are mentioned, and that includes tobacco and alcohol. That may seem absurd, yet these two are not even listed in the Controlled Substances Act,  besides being potentially lethal with heavy and/or long term use, whereas minimally harmless psychedelics (such as Psilocybin, LSD, or Cannabis!)  remain labeled as Schedule I substances – deeming them as dangerous as heroin and methaqualone, and more dangerous than opium, morphine, and cocaine. That is absurdity in it’s truest colors. However, I will not deeply discuss the War on Drugs here, and trust that you can educate yourself on the subject.

I am an experienced Psychonaut, and I advise against using any of the information I provide (from experience) unless you are an open minded, and skeptical person alike. It is best to cross reference any knowledge Psychedelic compounds are very powerful and are not to be taken lightly. It is my hope that this website will guide aspiring Psychonauts to the safe use of psychedelics, and that it will help them reach an expansion of consciousness, knowledge, and love.

Be safe, be wise, be vigilant, be born as more than what you are. 

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